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���Bible Scriptures by Subjects

Study major themes from the Bible by subjects. Includes the most researched topics with scriptures listed in the KJV of the Holy Bible.

���Matthew Henry Commentary

The complete Matthew Henry Commentary on the whole Bible. This is the full commentary, not the concise.

���Nave's Topical Bible

Study thousands of topics in the Word of God with Scriptures listed in the (Authorized) King James Version of the Holy Bible.

���The KJV Holy Bible
( Authorized KJV Bible / Standard KJV Bible )

The King James Version of the Holy Bible is available in two formats: (1) Authorized King James Version of The Holy Bible and (2) The Standard King James Version of The Holy Bible.

���Search The KJV Holy Bible

Search the (Authorized) King James Version Bible with search options that allow you to do such things as specifying the range of books to search, exact phrases and/or key word searching and more.

���About The Bible Study Tools

Information about the Bible Study Tools, including the origins of the materials, authors' names, credit to whom credit is due, etc..