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-A prince of Judah 2Ch 17:7


-A son of Shimon 1Ch 4:20


-See HUR


-A Levite Ne 10:13


-1. Son of Jacob by Rachel Ge 35:18, 24; 46:19 .Taken into Egypt Ge 42; 43; 44; 45 .Prophecy concerning Ge 49:27 .Descendants of Ge 46:21; Nu 26:38-41

-2. TRIBE OF .Census of .At Sinai Nu 1:37 .On the plain of Moab Nu 26:41 .Clans of Nu 26:38-40; 1Ch 7:6-12; 8 .Position of, in camp and march Nu 2:18, 22 .Moses' benediction upon De 32:12 .Allotment in the land of Canaan Jos 18:11-28 .Reallotment Eze 48:23 .Did not exterminate the Jebusites Jud 1:21 .Join Deborah in the war against Sisera Jud 5:14 .Territory of, invaded by the Ammonites Jud 10:9 .Did not avenge the crime of the Gibeonites against the Levite's concubine, the war that followed Jud 19; 20 .Saul, the first king of Israel, from 1Sa 9:1, 17; 10:20, 21 .Its rank during the time of Samuel 1Sa 9:21 .Jerusalem within the territory of Jer 6:1 .A company of, joins David at Ziklag 1Ch 12:1, 2, 16 .Not enrolled by Joab when he took a census of the military forces of Israel 1Ch 21:6 .Loyal to Ish-bosheth, the son of Saul 2Sa 2:9, 15, 31; 1Ch 12:29 .Subsequently joins David 2Sa 3:19; 19:16, 17 .Loyal to Rehoboam 1Ki 12:21; 2Ch 11:1 .Military forces of .During the reign of Asa 2Ch 14:8 .During the reign of Jehoshaphat 2Ch 17:17 .Skill in archery and as slingers of stones Jud 3:15; 20:16; 1Ch 8:40; 12:2 .Return to Palestine from the exile in Babylon Ezr 1:5 .Saints of, seen in John's vision Re 7:8 .Paul, of the tribe of Ro 11:1; Php 3:5 .See ISRAEL

-3. Grandson of Benjamin 1Ch 7:10

-4. A son of Harim Ezr 10:32 .Probably identical with the man mentioned in Ne 3:23

-5. A Jew who assisted in purifying the wall of Jerusalem Ne 12:34

-6. A gate of Jerusalem Jer 20:2; 37:13; 38:7; Zec 14:10


-A descendant of Merari 1Ch 24:26, 27


-Name given to Benjamin by Rachel as she was dying (during the birth process) Ge 35:18


-Son of Ishi 1Ch 4:20


-A place east of the Jordan River, probably same as BAAL-MEON, which see Nu 32:3, 38


-1. Father of Bela Ge 36:32; 1Ch 1:43

-2. Father of Balaam Nu 22:5 .Called BOSOR 2Pe 2:15

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