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-1. Son of Seir Ge 36:21, 30; 1Ch 1:38

-2. Grandson of Seir Ge 36:25; 1Ch 1:41


-General scriptures concerning 19:13, Le 6:2-7; 35, 36; De 25:13-16; Job 24:2-11; Ps 37:21; 50:18; 62:10; Pr 3:27, 28; 20:10, 14, 11:1; 17, 23; Isa 32:7; Jer 7:8-10; 9:4-6, 8; 22:13; Eze 22:29; Ho 4:1, 2; 12:7; Am 3:10; 8:5; Mic 6:10, 11; Na 3:1; Zep 1:9; Zec 5:3, 4; Lu 16:1-8; 1Th 4:6; Jas 5:4

-INSTANCES OF .Abimelech's servants confiscate a well Ge 21:25; 26:15-22 .Jacob obtains his brother's birthright by an unjust advantage Ge 25:29-33 .Jacob steals his father's blessing Ge 27:6-29 .Jacob gains from Laban's flocks by skillful manipulation Ge 30:31-43 .Rebekah's craftiness in Jacob's behalf Ge 27:6-17 .Laban's treatment of Jacob Ge 29:21-30; 31:36-42 .Rachel steals the household gods Ge 31:19 .Simeon and Levi deceive the Shechemites Ge 34:15-31 .Achan hides the wedge of gold and the Babylonian garment Jos 7:11-26 .Micah steals one-thousand one-hundred pieces of silver Jud 17:2 .Micah's priest steals his images Jud 18:14-21 .Joab's guile in securing Absalom's return 2Sa 14:2-20 .Ahab confiscates Naboth's vineyard 1Ki 21:2-16 .Judas' hypocritical sympathy for the poor Joh 12:6 .See DIPLOMACY .See HYPOCRISY .See INJUSTICE .See TREASON


-DENUNCIATIONS AGAINST Nu 14:11, 12, 22-24; 32:8-13; De 18:19; 28:15-68; Le 26:14-46

-PUNISHMENT OF .Of the Egyptians by plagues .See PLAGUES .See also SIN, PUNISHMENT OF

-INSTANCES OF .Of Adam and Eve, eating the forbidden fruit Ge 3:6-11 .Of Lot, in refusing to go to the mountain, as commanded by the angels Ge 19:19, 20 .Of Lot's wife, in looking back upon Sodom Ge 19:26 .Of Moses .In making excuses when commissioned to deliver lsrael Ex 4:13, 14 .When he struck the rock Nu 20:11, 23, 24 .Of Aaron, at the hitting of the rock by Moses Nu 20:23, 24 .Of Pharaoh, in refusing to let the people of Israel go 7:13, Ex 5:2; 8:15, 22, 23; 19, 32; 9:12, 34; 10:20, 27; 11:10; 14:8 .Of the people of Israel, in gathering excessive quantities of manna Ex 16:19, 20 .In refusing to enter the promised land De 1:26; with Nu 14:1-10; Jos 5:6; Ps 106:24, 25 .Of Nadab and Abihu, in offering strange fire Le 10:1, 2 .Of Balaam, in accompanying the messengers from Balak Nu 22:22 .Of Achan, in hiding the wedge of gold and the Babylonian garnient Jos 7:15-26 .Of Saul .In offering a sacrifice 1Sa 13:13 .In sparing Agag and the spoils of the Amalekites 1Sa 15; 28:18 .Of David, in his adultery, and in arranging for the death of Uriah 2Sa 12:9 .Of Solomon, in building places for idolatrous worship 1Ki 11:7-10 .Of the prophet of Judah, in not keeping the commandment to deliver his message to Jeroboam without delay 1Ki 13 .Of a man of Israel, who refused to strike the prophet 1Ki 20:35, 36 .Of Ahab, in suffering the king of Assyria to escape out of his hands 1Ki 20:42 .Of priests, in not performing their functions after the due order 1Ch 15:13 .Of the people of Judah Jer 43:7 .Of the people of Judah, in going to live in Egypt contrary to divine command Jer 44:12-14 .Of Jonah, in refusing to deliver the message to the Ninevites Jon 1 .Of the blind men Jesus healed, and ordered them not to proclaim their healing Mt 9:30, 31 .Of the leper whom Jesus healed, and ordered him not to proclaim the fact Mr 1:45 .Of Paul, in going to Jerusalem contrary to repeated warnings Ac 21:4, 10-14 .OF CHILDREN .See CHILDREN, COMMANDMENTS TO .OF THE RIGHTEOUS .See COMMANDMENTS


-Of the descendants of Noah Ge 10

-After building the tower of Babel Ge 11:1-9; De 32:8

-Of the Jews, foretold Jer 16:15; 24:9; Joh 7:35


-(About property) -See PROPERTY


-INSTANCES OF .Joseph Ge 42:7-20; 43:26-34 .David 1Sa 21:13-15 .See DECEPTION .See HYPOCRISY


-In congregations 1Co 1:10-13; 3:3, 4; 11:18, 19


-Dangers of Job 1:5



-General scriptures concerning Pr 31:19



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