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-1. A friend of Paul Ac 19:22; 2Ti 4:20

-2. Convert of Paul's, probably same as preceding Ro 16:23


-A city of Shinar Ge 10:10


-A son of Gad Ge 46:16; Nu 26:16


-(In teachers and doctrines) -See TEACHERS, FALSE




-(King of Assyria) -Succeeds Sennacherib 2Ki 19:37; Isa 37:38

-Called Asnapper Ezr 4:2, 10


-Older of the twin sons born to Isaac and Rebekah -Birth of Ge 25:19-26; 1Ch 1:34

-Called Edom Ge 36:1, 8

-A hunter Ge 25:27, 28

-Beloved by Isaac Ge 25:27, 28

-Sells his birthright for a single meal Ge 25:29-34; Mal 1:2; Ro 9:13; Heb 12:16

-Marries a Hittite woman Ge 26:34

-His marriage to, a grief to Isaac and Rebekah Ge 26:35

-Polygamy of Ge 26:34; 28:9; 36:2, 3

-Is defrauded of his father's blessing by Jacob Ge 27; Heb 11:20

-Meets Jacob on the return of the latter from Haran Ge 33:1

-With Jacob, buries his father Ge 35:29

-Descendants of Ge 36

-Hostility of descendants of, toward the descendants of Jacob Ob 1:10-14

-Ancestor of Edomites Jer 49:8

-Mount of Edom, called MOUNT OF ESAU Ob 1:8, 9, 18-21

-His name used to denote his descendants and their country De 2:5; Jer 49:8, 10; Ob 1:6

-Prophecies concerning Ob 1:18


-NONE, FROM THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD Ge 3:7-11; 4:9-11; Job 34:21, 22; Isa 10:3; Mt 23:33; Ro 2:3; 1Th 5:2, 3; Heb 2:2, 3; 12:25, 26; Re 6:15-17 .See SIN, FRUITS OF .See SIN, PUNISHMENT OF .See JUDGMENTS, NO ESCAPE FROM




-A well dug by the servants of Isaac Ge 26:20

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