Nave's Topical Bible

"ON" to "OPHEL"


-1. Capitol of lower Egypt Ge 41:45; 46:20

-2. A leader of the Reubenites who rebelled against Moses Nu 16:1


-1. A son of Shobal Ge 36:23; 1Ch 1:40

-2. Son of Jerahmeel 1Ch 2:26, 28


-(Son of Judah) -Killed for his refusal to raise seed (offspring) for his deceased brother Ge 38:4, 8-10; 46:12; Nu 26:19; 1Ch 2:3


-A fugitive slave and subsequent convert of Paul Col 4:9; Phm 1:10


-A Christian of Ephesus 2Ti 1:16, 17; 4:19


-General scriptures concerning Nu 11:5


-A town of the tribe of Benjamim 1Ch 8:12; Ne 6:2; 11:35


-A component of the sacred ointment, made from the shells of a species of mussel, possessing an odor Ex 30:34


-Precious stone Job 28:16; Eze 28:13

-Used in erecting the temple 1Ch 29:2

-Seen in the foundations of the city of the New Jerusalem in John's apocalyptic vision Re 21:20

-Exported from Havilah Ge 2:12

-Used in the breastplate Ex 28:9-12, 20; 39:6, 13

-Contributed by Israelites for the priests' garments Ex 25:7; 35:9


-A gate in the wall of Jerusalem near the temple 2Ch 27:3; 33:14; Ne 3:26, 27

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