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-1. King of Judah 1Ki 22:50; 2Ki 8:16; 1Ch 3:11; 2Ch 21:5 .Marries Athaliah, whose wicked counsels influence his reign for evil 2Ki 8:18, 19; 2Ch 21:6-13 .Murders his brothers to strengthen himself in his sovereignty 2Ch 21:4, 13 .Edom revolts from 2Ki 8:20-22; 2Ch 21:8-10 .The Philistines and Arabians invade his territory 2Ch 21:16, 17 .Death of 2Ch 21:18-20; 2Ki 8:24 .Prophecy concerning 2Ch 21:12-15 .Ancestor of Jesus Mt 1:8

-2. A son of Ahab .See JORAM

-3. A priest commissioned to go through Israel and instruct the people in the law 2Ch 17:8




-1. David's recorder 2Sa 8:16; 20:24; 1Ki 4:3; 1Ch 18:15

-2. One of Solomon's commissariat officers 1Ki 4:17

-3. King of Judah .Succeeds Asa 1Ki 15:24; 22:41; 1Ch 3:10; 2Ch 17:1; Mt 1:8 .Strengthens himself against Israel 2Ch 17:2 .Inaugurates a system of public instruction in the law 2Ch 17:7-9 .His wise reign 1Ki 22:43; 2Ch 17:7-9; 19:3-11 .His system of taxation 2Ch 17:11 .His military forces and armaments 2Ch 17:12-19 .Joins Ahab in an invasion of Ramoth-gilead 1Ki 22; 2Ch 18 .Rebuked by the prophet Jehu 2Ch 19:2 .The allied forces of the Amorites, Moabites, and other tribes invade his territory, and are defeated by 2Ch 20 .Builds ships for commerce with Tarshish, ships are destroyed 1Ki 22:48, 49; 2Ch 20:35-37 .Joins Jehoram, king of Israel, in an invasion of the land of Moab, defeats the Moabites 2Ki 3 .Makes valuable gifts to the temple 2Ki 12:18 .Death of 1Ki 22:50; 2Ch 21:1 .Religious zeal of 1Ki 22:43, 46; 2Ch 17:1-9; 19; 20:1-32; 22:9 .Prosperity of 1Ki 22:45, 48 .Bequests of, to his children 1Ch 21:2, 3

-4. Father of Jehu 2Ki 9:2, 14

-5. A priest who assisted in bringing the ark of the covenant from Obed-edom 1Ch 15:24

-6. A valley .Called THE VALLEY OF DECISION Joe 3:2, 12, 14


-Also called JEHOSHABEATH -Daughter of Joram 2Ki 11:2


-A name sometimes given to one of the JOSHUA's Nu 13:16


-A name of one of the JOSHUA's 1Ch 7:27


-Mount Moriah, in Jerusalem, where Abraham offered Isaac Ge 22:14


-An altar Ex 17:15


-An altar built by Gideon Jud 6:24


-1. Son of Shomer, and one of the assassins of King Jehoash 2Ki 12:21; 2Ch 24:26

-2. Son of Obed-edom 1Ch 26:4

-3. A Benjamite chief who commanded One-hundred and eighty thousand men 2Ch 17:18

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