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-One of those who returned to Jerusalem from captivity in Babylon Ne 7:7

-Called REELAIAH in Ezr 2:2




-1. Also called RABBATH .A city east of the Jordan River, originally belonging to the Ammonites Jos 13:25 .Bedstead of the giant named Og, kept at De 3:11 .Captured by David 2Sa 11:1; 12:26-31; 1Ch 20:1-3 .Possessed again by the Ammonites; prophesied against Jer 49:2, 3; Eze 21:20; 25:5; Am 1:14

-2. A city in the territory of the tribe of Judah Jos 15:60




-(Literally, the Hebrew word means "my great one.") -The title of a Jewish teacher Mt 23:7, 8; Joh 3:2

-Ostentatiously used by the Pharisees Mt 23:7

-Used in addressing John the Baptist Joh 3:26

-Used in addressing Jesus Joh 1:38, 49; 3:2; 6:25

-R. V Mt 26:25, 49; Mr 9:5; 11:21; 14:45; Joh 4:31; 9:2; 11:8

-Jesus called "Rabboni," Mr 10:51

-R. V.) Joh 20:16

-Forbidden by Jesus as a title to his disciples Mt 23:8


-A city in the territory of the tribe of Issachar Jos 19:20


-An Assyrian prince, or, possibly, a second name given to Nergal-sharezer Jer 39:3, 13


-1. A title of an Assyrian officer .See RAB-SHAKEH (RABSHAKEH) .See TARTAN .Sent by Sennacherib against Jerusalem 2Ki 18:17

-2. An Assyrian prince during the time of Nebuchadnezzar, or, possibly, a second name given to Nebushazban (also spelled NEBO-SARSEKIM or SARSEKIM, N. I. V.) Jer 39:3, 13


-(A title of an Assyrian officer) -Sent by Sennacherib against Jerusalem; undertakes to cause disloyalty to Hezekiah and the surrender of Jerusalem by a speech in the Jews' native language 2Ki 18:17-36; 19:4, 8; Isa 36; 37


-(Roughly translated "fool" but means "You good-for-nothing moron!")) Mt 5:22

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