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-A precious stone Job 28:6, 16; Isa 54:11; Eze 28:13

-Set in the breastplate Ex 28:18

-The color of the expanse Eze 1:26

-Seen in the foundation of the New Jerusalem in John's apocalyptic vision Re 21:19


-1. Also called SARAI .Wife of Abraham Ge 11:29-31; 12:5 .Near of kin to Abraham Ge 12:10-20; 20:12 .Abraham represents her as his sister, and Abimelech, king of Gerar, takes her; she is restored to Abraham by means of a dream Ge 20:1-14 .Is sterile; gives her handmaiden, Hagar, to Abraham as a concubine Ge 16:1-3 .Her jealousy of Hagar Ge 16:4-6; 21:9-14 .Her miraculous conception of Isaac Ge 17:15-21; 18:9-15 .Name changed from Sarai to Sarah Ge 17:15 .Gives birth to Isaac Ge 21:3, 6-8 .Death and burial of Ge 23; 25:10 .Character of Heb 11:11; 1Pe 3:5, 6



-A descendant of Shelah 1Ch 4:22


-INSTANCES OF .Cain's self-justifying argument when God asked him where Abel was Ge 4:9 .Israelites reproaching Moses Ex 14:11 .God reproaching Israel Nu 11:20; Jud 10:14 .Balak reproaching Balaam Nu 24:11 .Joshua to the descendants of Joseph Jos 17:15 .By Jotham Jud 9:7-19 .By Samson Jud 14:18 .The men of Jabesh to Nahash 1Sa 11:10 .Eliab to David 1Sa 17:28 .Elijah to the priests of Baal 1Ki 18:27 .David's reply to Michal's irony 2Sa 6:21 .Ahab's reply to Ben-hadad 1Ki 20:11 .Jehoash to Amaziah 2Ki 14:9, 10; 2Ch 25:18, 19 .Rabshakeh to Hezekiah 2Ki 18:23, 24 .Sanballat's address to the army of Samaria Ne 4:2, 3 .Zophar to Job Job 11:12 .Job to Zophar Job 12:2, 3 .Of Solomon Pr 26:16 .The persecutors of Jesus Mt 27:28, 29; Joh 19:2, 3, Lu 23:11; 5, 15 .Paul 1Ti 4:7 .Herod Agrippa II to Paul Ac 26:28 .See IRONY .See SATIRE


-(A city in Asia Minor) -One of the seven congregations in Re 1:11; 3:1-4


-Family of Nu 26:26


-(A precious stone) -In the breastplate Ex 28:17; 39:10

-In the garden of Eden Eze 28:13

-Seen in John's apocalyptic vision of the foundation of the New Jerusalem Re 21:20



-(A precious stone) -FIGURATIVE .In the foundation of the heavenly city called the New Jerusalem Re 21:20




-A king of Assyria Isa 20:1

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