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-1. A priest in Ahaz .Builds a new altar for Ahaz 2Ki 16:10-16 .Probably identical with Uriah, witness to a prophecy of Isaiah Isa 8:2


-3. A priest .Assistant to Ezra Ne 8:4 .Called URIAH in the R. V -4. A prophet in the time of Jehoiakim .Prophesies against Judah Jer 26:20 .Fled to Egypt; taken; killed by Jehoiakim Jer 26:21-23


-(Signifying light and perfection) -In the breastplate Ex 28:30; Le 8:8

-Eleazar to ask counsel for Joshua, after the judgment of Nu 27:21

-Only priests could interpret De 33:8; Ezr 2:63; Ne 7:65

-Israelites consult Jud 1:1; 20:18, 23

-Withheld the answer from King Saul 1Sa 28:6


-OF POLITICAL FUNCTIONS .By Absalom 2Sa 15:1-12 .By Adonijah 1Ki 1:5-9 .By Baasha 1Ki 15:27, 28 .By Zimri 1Ki 16:9, 10 .By Jehu 2Ki 9:11-37 .By Athaliah 2Ki 11:1-16 .By Shallum 2Ki 15:10

-IN RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS .By King Saul, in assuming priestly functions 1Sa 13:8-14 .By King Solomon, in thrusting Abiathar out of the priesthood 1Ki 2:26, 27 .By King Uzziah, in assuming priestly offices 2Ch 26:16-21 .By King Ahaz 2Ki 16:12, 13 .See CHURCH AND STATE, STATE SUPERIOR TO THE CHURCH .See GOVERNMENT, ECCLESIASTICAL

-OF EXECUTIVE POWER .In ordering Naboth's death and confiscation of his vineyard 1Ki 21:7-19 .In the plan of Joseph to dispossess the Egyptians of their real and personal property Ge 47:13-26 .Of Pharaoh, making bondservants of the Israelites Ex 1:9-22 .Moses accused of Nu 16:3


-(Interest, not necessarily unreasonable exaction, but all income from loans) -Forbidden Ex 22:25; Le 25:35-37; De 23:19; Ps 15:5; Pr 28:8; Eze 18:8, Jer 15:10; 13, 17; 22:12

-Exaction of, rebuked Ne 5:1-13

-Authorized, of strangers (foreigners) De 23:20

-Exacted by Jews Eze 22:12

-Just men innocent of the vice of requiring Eze 18:8




-1. Son of Ammihud 1Ch 9:4

-2. Son of Bigvai .Returned from Babylon with Ezra Ezr 8:14


-1. Son of Aram Ge 10:23; 1Ch 1:17

-2. Son of Nahor Ge 22:21 .In the A. V., called Huz -3. Son of Dishan Ge 36:28; 1Ch 1:42

-4. A country of unknown location .Home of Job Job 1:1 .Prophecies concerning Jer 25:20; La 4:21


-Father of Palal Ne 3:25


-Son of Joktan Ge 10:27; 1Ch 1:21



-2. Proprietor of the burial place of kings (Manasseh and Amon) 2Ki 21:18, 26

-3. Son of Shimei 1Ch 6:29 .In R. V., called UZZAH -4. Son of Ehud 1Ch 8:7

-5. One of the Nethinim Ezr 2:49; Ne 7:51


-1. Also called UZZA, son of Abinadab .Driver of the cart when moving the ark of the covenant 2Sa 6:3; 1Ch 13:7 .Stricken dead for touching the ark of the covenant 2Sa 6:6-8; 1Ch 13:9-11


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