Nave's Topical Bible

"ABI" to "ABIEL"


-Mother of Hezekiah 2Ki 18:2

-Called ABIJAH 2Ch 29:1


-1. Also called ABIJAH, chief of the twenty-four courses of priests 1Ch 24:10; Ne 12:4; Lu 1:5

-2. Son of Samuel 1Sa 8:1-5; 1Ch 6:28

-3. King of Judah .See ABIJAM


-Wife of Hezron 1Ch 2:24


-Also called ABIEL -One of David's heroes 2Sa 23:31; 1Ch 11:32


-Son of Korah Ex 6:24


-1. High priest. Called AHIMELECH in 1Ch 24:3, 2Sa 8:17; 6, 31 .And ABIMELECH 1Ch 18:16 .Son of Ahimelech 1Sa 22:20 .Escapes to David from the vengeance of Saul, who slew the priests in the City of Nob 1Sa 22:20-23; with 22:6-19 .Consults the ephod for David 1Sa 22:9-12; 30:9-12 .Associate high priest with Zadok in the reign of David 2Sa 15:35; 20:25; 1Ki 4:4; 1Ch 15:11 .But called AHIMELECH and father of Abiathar 2Sa 8:17; 1Ch 18:16 .Loyal to David when Absalom rebelled; leaves Jerusalem with the ark of the covenant, but is directed by David to return with the ark 2Sa 15:24-29 .Helps David by sending his son from Jerusalem to David with secret information concerning the counsel of Ahithophel 2Sa 15:35, 36; 17:15-22; 1Ki 2:26 .Supports Adonijah's pretensions to the throne 1Ki 1:7 .Thrust out of office by Solomon 1Ki 2:26, 27; with 1Sa 2:31-35



-Also called NISAN -First month in the Jewish calendar Ex 12:2

-Passover instituted, and Israelites depart from Egypt in Ex 23:15; De 16:1

-Tabernacle set up in Ex 40:2, 17

-Israelites arrive at the wilderness of Zin in Nu 20:1

-Enter Canaan in Jos 4:19

-Jordan's overflow in 1Ch 12:15


-Son of Midian 1Ch 1:33


-A descendant of Abraham Ge 25:4


-1. Saul's grandfather 1Sa 14:51

-2. A Benjamite 1Sa 9:1 .See ABI-ALBON

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