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-(A city of Sicily) -Paul visits Ac 28:12


-(The highlands lying between the Euphrates River and the Mediterranean Sea) -Called ARAM, from the son of Shem Ge 10:22, 23; Nu 23:7; 1Ch 1:17; 2:23

-During the time of Abraham it seems to have embraced the region between the Tigris River and the Euphrates River Ge 24:10 with Ge 25:20

-Including Padan-aram Ge 25:20; 28:5

-Minor kingdoms within the region .Aram-zobah, also called, ZOBAH and ZOBA 1Sa 14:47; 2Sa 8:3; 10:6, 8; 1Ki 11:23; 1Ch 18:5, 9; 19:6 .And in the title of Ps 60 .Geshur 2Sa 15:8 .Aram-rehob, also called BETH-REHOB 2Sa 10:6, 8 .Damascus 2Sa 8:5, 6; 1Ch 18:5, 6 .Hamath 2Sa 8:9, 10

-Conquest of .By David 2Sa 8:3-13 .By Jeroboam 2Ki 14:25, 28 .By Tiglath-pileser, king of Assyria 2Ki 16:7-9; 18:33, 34

-People of, colonized in Samaria by the king of Assyria 2Ki 17:24

-Confederates with Nebuchadnezzar 2Ki 24:2; Jer 39:5

-The Roman province of, included the land of Canaan Lu 2:2, 3

-And it included Phoenicia Mr 7:26; Ac 21:3

-The fame of Jesus extended over Mt 4:24

-Paul goes to, with letters to apprehend the Christians; is converted and begins his evangelistic ministry Ac 9:1-31


-Paul preaches in Ac 15:41; 18:18; 21:3; Ga 1:21

-Damascus, the capitol of .See DAMASCUS

-Wars between, and the kingdoms of Judah and Israel .See ISRAEL

-Prophecies concerning Isa 7:8-16; 8:4-7; 17:1-3; Jer 1:15; 49:23-27; Am 1:3-5; Zec 9:1


-Also called MAACHAH -A small kingdom 1Ch 19:6



-The nationality of a non-Jewish woman whose daughter was cured by Jesus Mt 15:21-28; Mr 7:24-30


-Also called TANACH -A city conquered by Joshua Jos 12:21

-Allotted to the tribe of Manasseh Jos 17:11; 1Ch 7:29

-Caananites not driven from Jos 17:12; Jud 1:27

-Assigned to the Levites Jos 21:25

-The scene of Barak's victory Jud 5:19

-One of Solomon's commissaries at 1Ki 4:12


-A city in the territory of the tribe of Ephraim Jos 16:6


-One of the Nethinim Ezr 2:43; Ne 7:46


-A place of uncertain location Jud 7:22


-Father of one whom the kings of Syria and Israel sought to make king in Judah instead of Ahaz Isa 7:6


-1. A Persian official in Samaria Ezr 4:7


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